The Purchase File: sharing files securely up to the notary

Purchase Portal Eerlijk Bieden

Once the prospective buyer has signed the purchase agreement, there is often a lot of paperwork involved in completing the purchase. Actually quite crazy, because most documents (such as title deeds and VVE documents) have already been collected by the real estate agent anyway. The new Purchase Dossier from Eerlijk Bieden makes the buying process even smoother!

How does the Purchasing File work?

During the sales process, the broker could already create a Dataroom. This is then used to gather all the information about the home so that candidates can make a solid offer. After assigning the buyer, the Purchase Dossier builds on this. In the Purchase Dossier you can release the collected information as a buyer (together with the sales broker) to involved parties such as the appraiser, mortgage advisor or notary.

In addition, of course, new documents such as the purchase agreement and personalia are also important. To ensure that everyone then receives the correct documents, everyone involved has special rights. This way, for example, the appraiser will never get to see the purchase agreement (which hinders the independence of the appraisal), but the mortgage broker and the notary will get to see it.

Should any pieces be shared afterwards by the broker or the candidate, the system of Eerlijk Bieden of course always sends an email to those involved as a reminder.

Important dates

In addition to documents, agreements about important dates can also be shared. For example, the final date for the deposit or the completion date. The selling broker and notary can set these, after which everyone is automatically informed by e-mail.

Why does this matter?

Besides avoiding duplication, we also want to make the completion process a lot more secure. Because there's a lot of information to be shared by email these days, there's a good chance something will go wrong. Think of sending an email to the wrong person, or adding the wrong attachment. This leaves an unnecessary risk of identity fraud lurking.

By storing all documents in a secure environment and then only sharing them with those involved based on a verified email address, we want to mitigate this risk. Also good to know, all data is automatically deleted after a week after the transfer at the notary, so your personal data does not continue to float around unnecessarily on the Internet.

How can I use it?

Eerlijk Bieden launches new solutions every two weeks that make the sales process more efficient and secure. The purchase file is therefore free to use for all brokers affiliated with the Eerlijk Bieden seal of approval.

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