Choosing a real estate agent: 5 tips for making the best choice

Choosing a broker

Choosing a real estate agent in the year 2021, with all the comparisons and experiences on the Internet it seems so easy. Yet it is an important choice, because selling or buying a home is a big step in your life. The choice is and always will be a personal one, but in this blog post we would like to help you with some tips! This way, you too can successfully sell your house!

Tip 1: Invite several brokers

Perhaps you already have your eye on a specific estate agent, but also ask around in your personal environment. There is a good chance that your neighbours or friends have good recommendations.

As with everything, it is good to compare estate agents. The best advice is therefore to simply invite a number of estate agents to your home. After all these conversations, you will immediately have a better overview of the sales advice and prices.

Tip 2: Check which brokers are active in your neighbourhood

When selling a house, it is important that the estate agent knows all the ins and outs of your house and the neighbourhood. This simply makes it easier for the estate agent to sell your house and he can help candidates better. Therefore, take a look at which estate agents are active in your area, or search specifically for estate agents.

Tip 3: Compare reviews of different estate agents

By comparing reviews, you can quickly get a good idea of the experiences of previous customers. For a good idea, start with Googlereviews. Nowadays, you can find several review sites, but not all of them are objective. On some sites you can only leave a review if you are asked by a real estate agent, which can create a distorted picture by only the positive reviews.

Tip 4: Do not immediately choose the cheapest estate agent

Cheap is expensive, also when choosing a broker. Therefore, do not immediately choose the cheapest estate agent, but also ask about the sales results of the past year. A good estate agent may cost a little more at first glance, but if the results are good, it always pays off.

Also compare all costs and how they are specified. For example, note whether the cost of photography is included and whether a broker charges extra for withdrawing an assignment.

Apart from the costs, it is also about the personal click with the estate agent. If you don't have a good feeling about the way they work, interested parties probably won't either. The sales process can sometimes be quite intensive, so it is important that you can rely on your estate agent and that you trust him completely.

Tip 5: Check the broker's certification

Always check whether a broker is a member of a brokerage association. The three largest associations in the Netherlands are currently the VBO, NVM and Vastgoedpro. These associations have strict requirements for their members in terms of quality and training. You can usually check on the site of a trade association, or a brokers' register, whether the broker is actually a member.

These days, there are many stories in the media about 'cowboys' on the housing market, often people who pose as estate agents without any knowledge. Do not underestimate the (legal) consequences when something goes wrong in the sales process and your estate agent can hardly be held responsible.

As with everything, the bad stories you sometimes hear are based on the 1% of estate agents who ruin it for the rest, but since selling your house is often a big deal, choosing a good estate agent is still very important.

Choosing a real estate agent with the Eerlijk Bieden seal of approval

Hopefully these tips have helped you choose a real estate agent. If you want to be sure that your real estate agent always works according to the applicable industry rules, check the quality mark of Eerlijk Bieden. Affiliated members of Eerlijk Bieden work according to a new sales system that guarantees an honest sales process. So you will never be surprised afterwards. Curious about the possibilities of our bid form or the quality mark of Eerlijk Bieden? Look here, or ask your real estate agent!

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