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Pooters Real Estate

In the blog series Estate agents talkingwe highlight estate agents that are affiliated with the quality mark of Eerlijk Bieden. This week, we spoke with Pooters Makelaardij in Maastricht. After the parliamentary letter of last November, they did not sit still and immediately started working with the bid log.

About Pooters Real Estate

Pooters Makelaardij is a real family business that has been active in brokerage since 2007, under the management of brothers Gyvan and Bermon Pooters. "With a young, dynamic and experienced team we are the personal and professional broker of Maastricht, Valkenburg and the Heuvelland region", says Gyvan Pooters.

"Our estate agents know the market and can provide you with professional advice on the sale of your property. From flats and studios in the city, to detached houses and villas in the Heuvelland region. With the right advice, clear communication and direct execution, we always manage to realise a quick, good and correct sale. In the past 15 years we have grown considerably, but we have never lost sight of the customer, which is why we still consider the customer to be of paramount importance.

Integrity first

A good example of this is the connection to the quality mark of Eerlijk BiedenPooters Makelaardij: "At Pooters Makelaardij, integrity comes first, also and especially in the bidding process! For this reason we use Eerlijk Bieden to make the buying process more transparent and fair for the consumer".

A step in the right direction

The customers of Pooters Makelaardij also appreciated this step: "After we announced via our socials that we would be using Eerlijk Bieden from now on, we received many positive reactions. The consumers really see it as a first step in the right direction".

No doubt about it

The customers also notice the difference with respect to the 'traditional' working method: "The new method is much clearer, potential buyers fill in all the information in the same way so that there can be no doubt about the bid and the conditions. We have also noticed that bidders like to see the other bids afterwards in order to learn from them. Eerlijk Bieden makes this possible.

Estate agents increasingly online.

Gyvan Pooters does not expect that customer contact will become less intensive due to the emergence of, for example, online bidding: "Digitalisation will change the brokerage and sales process more online, but the need for personal contact, advice and professional guidance will, in our view, always remain".

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