Report a complaint about a sales process

We regularly conduct audits among affiliate members, but you may also wish to make a report about a bidding process yourself. Eerlijk Bieden can help you do this. To serve you well in this process, we will first explain what steps we take in case of a complaint or report.

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How does the process work?

The procedure

Filing the complaint

As a consumer, you can file a complaint or report at Eerlijk Bieden at any time. This includes reports without directly traceable financial loss.


A report can easily be submitted using the complaint form at the bottom of this page. Once we have received the complaint, we will try to provide initial feedback within one to two business days.

Information Collection

Within our bidding software, many steps in the bidding process are automatically logged. In this way it is easier for us to retrieve relevant information regarding the nature of the complaint. In most cases, this information is therefore sufficient to complete the complaint or report.

In more complex cases, we may contact involved parties such as: sellers, buyers and real estate agents ourselves. 

Complaint handling

The first step we take is to submit the accumulated file to the relevant broker and brokerage association. In consultation, we then try to reach an appropriate solution.


Depending on the brokerage association and the complaint, this means that a case may be referred to the disciplinary committee, or the case may be dismissed.


In case of a second violation by an affiliated broker, the Eerlijk Bieden seal will be revoked until further notice. Again, we will first hand over the file to the real estate association. If it is jointly determined that the complaint is unfounded, the membership will be reactivated.

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The complaint form

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We only deal with reports concerning affiliated members.
In order to be able to process reports about the bidding process, we need the address of the residential property in question.

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