Housing websites of Eerlijk Bieden

Do you want to really highlight your property? Then simply use the property website module in Eerlijk Bieden. On this unique web page all information about the property can be found easily and of course fully linked to the Bid Log of Eerlijk Bieden!

Housing websites eerlijk bieden

How it works.

If you have activated the module in Eerlijk Bieden , we will immediately register your own domain name (streetname+housenumber.co.uk). 

With just a click of a button, we fill the web page with unique content and enrich it with all the information about the object. Of course, fully multilingual and usable from any device.

create online housing brochure eerlijk bieden
online housing brochure eerlijk bieden
Unique at Eerlijk Bieden: multiple themes!

Completely in your unique corporate identity

From your logo to your corporate identity, we'll take care of everything so that the housing websites fit seamlessly with your office. Want to link the website with your social media or third-party widgets? No worries, you can set everything up very easily. 

Everything under lock and key

Optionally set a password

Rather not want any prying eyes? Then you can easily set a unique password for each website. This protects the attached documentation, for example, or prevents unwanted visitors from making an offer on the property.

password home websites

Most popular questions

How much do individual housing websites cost in Eerlijk Bieden?

A home website does not have to be expensive at all. We ensure that all real estate agents can use this technique in a low-threshold manner. In the software of Eerlijk Bieden this unique online housing brochure therefore costs only € 10 per website. 

What CRM systems can I link this to?

Currently we offer interfacing with Kolibri and Realworks. If you use another system please feel free to let us know!

What is the advantage over other systems?

With Eerlijk Bieden , you are assured of a Bid Log that always complies with the latest laws and regulations. By integrating Eerlijk Bieden on the housing websites, you and your customers get the best possible experience.

This automatically links to the Dataroom and allows candidates to bid easily and multilingually.

Can I also use my current widgets?

Sure! On our housing websites, you can easily connect widgets that you already use for your own office site, for example. Consider, for example, the widgets from DatHuis!

How long will the housing website stay online?

No worries, by default the housing website remains live for one year. Of course, stopping earlier or extending it is always possible!

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