Bug Bounty Program Eerlijk Bieden

With Eerlijk Bieden , we believe in the power of digitization and automation to further build a fair housing market. Unfortunately, digitalization also sometimes brings risks, which is why we desperately need your help!

Eerlijk bieden bug bounty program
bug bounty program Eerlijk Bieden

What is a Bug Bounty Program?

Perhaps you encounter it in other apps, a bug or something that just doesn't run smoothly. At Eerlijk Bieden it pays to report these errors. We can secure our system better, you get something in return, win-win!

Isn't security your job?

Definitely! We also take this very seriously by having regular pen tests performed. Unfortunately, like an MOT, for example, these tests are a snapshot in time. In the meantime, it can unfortunately happen that something slips through. 

Dangerous hacker

What are the rewards?

Ok granted, the rewards don't compare to Apple 😔 Nevertheless, we have several scales in which you can report a bug! 

Report your bug!