The automated purchase agreement

A fully completed purchase agreement with just the push of a button, too good to be true? Not anymore, Eerlijk Bieden has become the first party in the Netherlands to fully automate the purchase agreement. 

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Why does this matter?

For years, it was the scourge of real estate agents: "the writing requirement. Thanks to the clever automation of Eerlijk Bieden , that problem is a thing of the past. Within 3 minutes of a telephone approval, real estate agents can have a double-signed purchase agreement in their mailbox.

automated sales contract

Instant error-free agreement

Faster, fewer errors and linked to the source. The purchase agreement of the future is here. Link to a cadastral number, why not link directly to the online plot? Name list of documents? Add Dataroom content right away!

Uniformly the same language

Much is being digitized in the real estate supply chain. Due to rapid innovation, it is important that everyone continues to speak the same "language," especially with an automated purchase agreement! Eerlijk Bieden anticipates this by using the taxonomy of Stichting Zorgeloos Vastgoed. This way there is never again a discussion with the notary or bank about terms used.

Taxonomy automated purchase agreement

Closed the sale in one click