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Something new can always raise questions, especially if it becomes mandatory in the near future. Therefore, based on questions from chats, emails and meetings, we have already listed all the points for you. Any additional questions about the bid log? Then read the extensive blog back here.

1. The bidding software

Does Eerlijk Bieden work only with subscriptions?

No, in response to the turning housing market, we have made it possible to collect bids without deadlines as well. Of course, we keep a close eye on the market to keep up with the latest trends.

Do you necessarily have to select the highest bidder?

No, the seller is (still) completely free to choose buyer, advised by the broker. 

We show the right of award in advance in all mailing and as disclaimers on the Bid Log.

Can I also negotiate?

Yes, with the no deadline sales methods you can negotiate in different ways. For example, completely digital, or just sending the offer agreed upon over the phone as a counterproposal. 

How can people submit their bids?

We have several ways to do this. Do you want everyone to be able to bid at all times? Then you can put a button on your site. If you prefer to keep the process completely closed and only allow actual viewers to bid, you can easily share a link from the bid form.

What if someone can't/won't bid online?

In essence, almost nothing changes. Whereas previously bids had to be confirmed in writing (by e-mail), this is now done by bid form. 

Should a candidate still not come out of it, the broker can make a delegated offer. 

Can I change sales methods in the interim?

Yes you can! Should you have started a subscription and want to switch to Regular Bidding, it's just a click away!

Can I use Eerlijk Bieden with my current systems?

Yes, Eerlijk Bieden is made for pairing, but can also safely be used stand-alone. The choice is yours!

2. The bid log

Is this the same as the Norwegian model?

For a while there was talk in the media about the so-called Norwegian model. This is a form of bidding where anyone can watch in an open auction. The Bid Log is just an overview of the sales process that is shared afterwards, regardless of the sales method (open or closed). This gives candidates the insights they want, but keeps the seller's interests protected.

When should the Bid Log be shared?

The Bid Log is not shared until the sale is final. That is, after the three-day cooling-off period has passed and after any reservations have expired.

The market is turning, why do I still need to share the Bid Log?

The political demand was not for necessarily overheated bids, but a structural call for transparency. Should wrongdoing occur during a process, it can happen with 30 candidates, but also just as easily with just two candidates. The Bid Log is therefore important in any conjuncture.

Why can't I keep my own list as a Bid Log?

The ministry states that the Bid Log must be generated by an independent party and must certify and audit itself. By definition, a broker cannot audit itself.

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