The quality mark for estate agents

It is time for a fair bidding process

Eerlijk Bieden is a completely independent quality mark for estate agents, which guarantees the consumer a 100% fair bidding process. Thanks to the use of smart software and audits, we contribute to a fair housing market!

Quality mark eerlijk bieden

Our quality mark is known from:

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Hallmark for estate agents

What exactly is Eerlijk Bieden ?

Eerlijk Bieden is a quality mark for estate agents. In order to comply with our quality mark, two important requirements apply: brokers use our special bidding software and brokers are subject to periodic audits. By using these two tools, we can guarantee a 100% fair bidding process.

The bidding software

Affiliated brokers use our special bidding software, which ensures that the industry rules are always upheld, without detracting from the sales result.  

Audit checks

Prevention is better than cure. Nevertheless, it can happen that doubts arise about a bidding process. In order to maintain our quality mark, we use random audits among our members. If in doubt, the consumer can always report it.

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Houses sold

Since the launch of Eerlijk Bieden in September 2021, more than 650 homes throughout the Netherlands have already been sold fairly!

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Bids processed

Through our interactive and multilingual bid form, we have been able to process more than 5,500 bids.

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Based on anonymous feedback from sellers, candidates and estate agents, we continue to build Eerlijk Bieden every day.

Why is Eerlijk Bieden important?

In a boiling dry housing market, tensions can run high. It is therefore of great importance that there is no doubt about the role of the estate agent, the director of the sales process. Thanks to the quality mark Eerlijk Bieden , nepotism, illegal price fixing and discrimination are prevented.

Initiator of the bid log

Eerlijk Bieden has successfully introduced the bid log into the brokerage industry in 2021. Thanks to this bid log, the sales process has become transparent and verifiable.

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What do candidates and sellers say about us?

Eerlijk Bieden has been able to help many sellers and house hunters since its launch in 2021!

Finally, insight into the sales process! The bid log gives me very useful information to use in my next bid.



Searching in Amsterdam

After stories in the media, I thought it was important that everyone should get a fair chance to bid. That is why I think Eerlijk Bieden is a great initiative!



Salesperson Alblasserdam

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Frequently asked questions

No, Eerlijk Bieden is a closed sales system. Submitted bids are protected for all parties until the closing moment of the sale. In this way, no intermediate price fixing takes place.

No, Eerlijk Bieden is a quality mark for estate agents.

Both the seller and the candidates (or buyers) do not have to pay anything for this system, that would not be fair!

We ask affiliated brokers for a contribution. We deliberately use a low price to ensure that it will not be deducted from the commission.

No, we digitally log all steps in the process. The broker, seller, or candidates cannot make changes to this data. The bid log is then created fully automatically.

No, our system only ensures that your estate agent complies with the industry rules at all times. Because the sales process is still exactly the same (closed registrations), the sales result will never suffer. 

Everyone who has received the bid form can participate in the bidding. If you have a buying agent, you can indicate this on the bid form.

No, we only ask for the information that is really necessary to make a bid, such as your contact details, or bid details. 

All other personal data we will not never share or sell any other personal data to third parties such as banks or mortgage lenders, as this would not fit in with our name.

Only affiliated members may use our Seal of Approval. If you want to be sure that your estate agent is certified, please check our members' page.

Questions about Eerlijk Bieden?