The automatic WWFT check

For years, it was a headache for brokers: "the WWFT. Thanks to Eerlijk Bieden 's software, that is now a thing of the past. We are the first in the Netherlands to have fully automated the KYC process. Rarely has compliance with the WWFT been so easy.

Why does this matter?

The real estate industry has fallen prey to money laundering and fraud for many years. To prevent this, the WWFT was created. In practice, however, compliance with this law still lags far behind. To counter this in the housing market, Eerlijk Bieden has made compliance with the WWFT a lot easier. You can read more about this in our special blog.

Thorough screening of data subjects

The basis of the WWFT is a screening of the seller and prospective buyer. Is the person in question a PEP, or are sanctions pending against this person, for example. The automatic screening immediately identifies all risks.

risk assessment wwft matrix

Insightful risk matrix

The origin of the funds is requested fully automatically from the prospective buyers. The results are accurately converted into a standardized risk matrix. In the end, you as a broker get a clear analysis that suffices for audits by the FIU.

WWFT check to use yourself?