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Eerlijk Bieden is the first hallmark in the Netherlands for real estate agents. Read our whole story here. Do you have any questions about the sales system or our Seal of Approval? Do not hesitate and contact us directly, or even better, create a free demo account created! At the bottom of this page you can find the most frequently asked questions. For answers during bidding, you can use the special support widget!

Most popular questions

Through Eerlijk Bieden 's bidding platform, we enable the broker to sell homes in a variety of ways.

From registration to 'traditional bidding', we ensure a conclusive bid log and audit the sales files. In this way we provide an accessible way to comply with future laws and regulations.

No, Eerlijk Bieden is a quality mark for estate brokers.

Neither the seller nor the candidates (or buyers) have to pay anything for this system; that wouldn't be fair either!

We ask affiliated brokers for a contribution. We deliberately use a low price to ensure that it will not be deducted from the commission.

No, we digitally log all steps in the process. The broker, seller, or candidates cannot make changes to this data. The bid log is then created fully automatically.

No, our system only ensures that your estate broker complies with the industry rules at all times. Because the sales process is still exactly the same (closed registrations), the sales result will never suffer. 

Anyone who has received the bid form can submit an offer. Your broker can also simply use the bid form to submit an offer on your behalf.

No, we only ask for the info that is really necessary to submit an offer, such as your contact information or bid details. 

All other personal data will never be shared or sold to third parties. That would not really fit our name.

Only affiliated members may use our seal of approval. Want to be sure your broker is certified? Then check out our member page.

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