What does Eerlijk Bieden actually cost?

With Eerlijk Bieden , we are on a mission and we can only accomplish it if we get everyone involved in the process. Therefore, we intentionally use low cost and different method to meet the contribution.

A solution for everyone

At Eerlijk Bieden you won't find difficult pricing models. By default, users get access to all functionalities, which is very convenient. The two pricing models we offer are based on office size, so there is always a plan that suits you!

Demo account:


Take advantage of all functionalities

30-day trial

Try Eerlijk Bieden 30 days for free, sales not completed yet? No problem you get all the time!

No connection fee

Right off the bat!

Sales Guarantee

Once per object:


Price does not include VAT

Pay by use

Are you starting Eerlijk Bieden and don't want to be tied to anything? Then the 'Pay by use' option might be for you!

No connection fee

Free link to your site

Automatic Wwft check

Getting off to a low start

Ideal for smaller offices

Per month:


Annual subscription, price does not include VAT

Eerlijk Bieden unlimited

Eerlijk Bieden use for all your properties? Then maybe our special subscription is for your office.

No connection fee

Free link to your site

Automatic Wwft check

Unlimited number of objects

Ideal for larger offices

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