Data room of Eerlijk Bieden

Future-proof file sharing, isn't that what everyone wants? No more emails or WeTransfer's back and forth but all information in 1 safe place! Free to use Eerlijk Bieden.

Data Room Eerlijk Bieden

How it works.

A Dataroom is a secure web page where documents can be shared. It allows the broker to share all the documents needed to make an offer in just one click. Is information added later? Then we automatically notify all those involved.

how the dataroom works

Automatically all information

In addition to the documents provided by a broker, the Dataroom is automatically supplemented with all available public government sources such as the Land Registry and the National Government. In this way, candidates can make an offer with 100% certainty.

public sources house

Digital questionnaire
for salespeople

Questionnaires, they are long, difficult and often very confusing. Eerlijk Bieden has therefore digitized and simplified the questionnaire. From a tasks page, the salesperson gets insight into what needs to be shared, why and approximately how long it will take.

The importance of a central data point

A Data Room ensures that everyone is always up to date with the latest information. This makes it easy to avoid unnecessary yes-no discussions, or even lawsuits.


In a dry housing market there will be many questions about a property. Due to the rush, it can therefore quickly occur that these questions are not addressed during a viewing. Candidates therefore have the opportunity to ask questions centrally. This creates a low-threshold collective obligation to investigate.

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