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The bidding software of Eerlijk Bieden was built from the ground up to ensure a fair bidding process in an approachable way. We want to make the process more transparent, simpler and more inclusive. You can read exactly how the bidding software works on this page.

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Fully multilingual

Everyone always informed. At any point in the bidding process, those involved are informed and kept up to date via multilingual email. This makes bidding a lot more accessible for everyone!

Full support

All involved can use the multilingual help desk. This way you will always be assisted in the bidding process. In the unlikely event that you do not succeed, we will ensure that you receive an answer to your question within 15 minutes!

Large time savings

Avoid unnecessary duplication and all the mistakes that come with it. Through smart automation, we help you move forward.

Easy to connect

Simple linking with Kolibri, Realworks, or prefer your own system? Feel free to let us know!

Free updates every week

Free updates to our bidding software every week. Now and in the future. So you are always future-proof!

Linked to your website for free

As a real estate agent, you spend a lot of time and attention on your website. With the Bid Widget from Eerlijk Bieden you make sure that your customers stay hooked. Online bidding can now be done safely from your own site, completely in your house style!

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