Our bidding software

The bidding software of Eerlijk Bieden has been built from the ground up to ensure a fair bidding process in an accessible way. We want to make the process more transparent, simpler and more inclusive. You can read exactly how the system works on this page.

Use with any CRM package

Our bidding software is specially designed to be used with all possible CRM packages, or without! All you need to get started is an e-mail address and the property details.

Free updates

Eerlijk Bieden regularly launches new updates such as Datarooms and automated personal forms. All our future updates are free for Eerlijk Bieden members to use.

The customer journey

The online bid form

Candidates are given access to a unique bidding form by the estate agent. As a candidate, you can easily bid online and provide all the necessary information. Not only the purchase price, but also any reservations and motivation.

The Data Room

From the bid form, all candidates can access the secure data room. This makes it easy for brokers to comply with the notification requirement.

The Digital Notary

All online bids enter the digital safe. No one can see the details of the bids until the closing time. Only after the deadline has passed do the broker and the seller get to see the bids simultaneously.

Evaluate bids

The time has come! After the deadline has passed, the seller receives an overview of all the bids in order to assess it together with the estate agent. 

Appointing a buyer

The choice is made and the buyer is designated. All candidates will automatically be told whether they have become the buyer or not, other details will follow later.

Retrieval of personal data

Buyers are invited to share their personal details in a secure online environment. As a result, you can draw up a purchase agreement even faster as a real estate agent!

The bid log

After the expiry of the legal reflection period (or any caveats), the candidates that have made a bid can find the other submitted bids in the bid log. The bid log is of course fully anonymised and secure.

The advantages of the bidding software

Through smart automation, we reduce the number of errors in the process and save unnecessary administrative actions.

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Automatic multilingual mailing

Everyone always in the loop. At any moment in the bidding process, those involved are informed and kept up to date via multilingual e-mail. This makes bidding a lot more accessible!

Offer anytime, anywhere

Our software is fully responsive. This makes it easy for candidates to make an offer on any device, without having to log in.

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Full support

All parties involved can use the multilingual helpdesk. In this way you will always be assisted in the bidding process. If you still have problems, we will answer your question within 15 minutes!

Questions about Eerlijk Bieden?