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Eerlijk Bieden is the first independent quality mark for brokers in the Netherlands. With Eerlijk Bieden , brokers can prepare themselves in an accessible way for the law 'fair purchase process'. Still doubts? No worries, we give you all the space you need to try it out with your own Eerlijk Bieden account.

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Initiator of the bid log

Is your office already future-proof?

Brokers must start working with an automatic bid log as of January 1, 2023 . With the software of Eerlijk Bieden you will soon be sharing the bid log with your clients with just one click of a button. 

For candidate and seller

Eerlijk Bieden only important for home seekers? No, transparency in the sales process is important for everyone, including the seller. This is evident from all the Funda reviews!

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The experiences of brokers

Of course, we are already big fans of Eerlijk Bieden ourselves, but who better to tell you about the bidding platform than the brokers who are already using it?

All benefits for brokers

Eerlijk Bieden is the affordable and accessible total solution for real estate agents. From Dataroom and personalia to Bid Log, we provide a professional sales process.

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Collecting all offers!

Leaving a bid has rarely been this easy. Let customers see the pieces first and then bid from your site. Now that's a nice business card 😉 .

Automatic mailing

For the optimal customer journey, we automatically keep all candidates multilingual at every step of the process!

Getting started

Extra work, no way! In 10 seconds you start a fair sales process. Thanks to smart automation, you can save up to an hour per file.

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User-friendly bid form

Based on more than 7,500 surveys, we continue to update our software daily. This way we ensure a solution that works for everyone!

Full support

Do you, or your candidates have questions during, or after the bidding process? No problem, within 15 minutes you will have an answer!

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Something new always raises questions, so we advise everyone to start with our demo account! You will discover the possibilities of our platform in just 5 minutes.

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