For a fair housing market without losers

Buying or selling a house is something you may only do once in your life. It is therefore good to know in advance that everything during this process goes according to the rules. Eerlijk Bieden is thefirst quality mark for brokers that guarantees a fair bidding process to both the seller and the house hunter. So everyone knows at a glance that they are dealing with a reliable broker.

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Why Eerlijk Bieden?

After continued negative coverage of the brokerage industry, the question arose: How does a consumer know if a broker is truly trustworthy? This question was the starting point for Eerlijk Bieden. An independent quality mark that enforces rules, checks processes and takes reports seriously.

The Eerlijk Bieden Bid log

Eerlijk Bieden regularly launches new initiatives in the housing market. In 2021, Eerlijk Bieden initiated the bid log. This overview gives candidates insight into the sales process. And with success: our initiative was adopted by former BZK minister Ollongren and was mentioned in the parliamentary letter.

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Our Mission

The real estate world is not exactly known as a very innovative industry. This must and can be changed! Every day we continue to build smart and accessible solutions to help all stakeholders in the sales process. If you have a tip for us, please let us know!

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Our Team

Eerlijk Bieden is the result of years of experience in brokerage and software development. We believe that the Eerlijk Bieden seal of approval is a low-threshold solution to bring back confidence in the housing market together with the parties involved. 

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Lourens Pel


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Tom van Zijl