Software for brokers comparison 2024

Compare software for real estate agents

Digitalization is going fast these days, even in the real estate business! In this blog post we would like to compare all software for real estate agents, so you can make the best choice for your office!

CRM software for real estate agents

CRM software is perhaps the most important link for the broker's everyday tasks. It allows homes to be registered, emails to be processed, calendar to be maintained, and leads and contacts to be properly organized. As such, the CRM serves as the basis for all other software.

Kolibri software

Kolibri's innovative CRM program is set up in such a way that you, as a real estate agent, can set it up completely to your own taste. Of course, this CRM program already has all the functionalities you expect from a CRM, but the program is very easy to adapt to your needs. By means of the AppXchange, you as a real estate agent can activate various extensions for, for example, your accounting, or the signing of documents. Another advantage, at Kolibri you can also purchase easy-to-find sites for your office in a combi package!

software for brokers on tablet and iphone
Kolibri Software


In addition to Kolibri, another great CRM package is Realworks software. Realworks also has all the features a real estate agent needs on a daily basis. Instead of an app store, Realworks has modules such as: calendar, tasks, invoicing and digital signing. External applications can be easily linked thanks to Realworks' APIs.

Online marketing software for real estate agents

Online marketing is crucial for a real estate agency these days. With online marketing, you can think of software for real estate agents for the purpose of good findability on Google, but certainly also the propagation of your brand to existing and new customers. Several digital solutions can be found below.


Mailchimp allows you to send newsletters to your contacts very easily. The software is very accessible and offers several pre-made templates to choose from. Last but not least, starting with Mailchimp is free! Thanks to various analytic tools you can quickly gain insight into the performance of your messages to see what catches on and which messages need improvement.


Are you looking for a marketing platform tailored to the real estate industry? Then Nexxtmove 's software may be for you. Nexxtmove has smart automation to follow up on sales proposals or viewings, for example. In addition to automation, Nexxtmove can also create content for other channels such as newsletters or social media.


DatHuis offers several smart solutions to turn website visitors into your new clients. Thanks to the handy widget that you can place on your website in full house style, you can let clients determine the home value, or offer additional services such as a connection service or an architectural inspection. With Zapier's help, DatHuis can link with more than 5,000 apps to ensure the best possible workflow.

Thathouse eerlijk bieden
DatHouse software

Software for the bidding process

Realtors today must digitally record bids on a property. Because this is a new rule, there are not very many providers on the market yet.

Eerlijk Bieden

Thanks to the smart online file of Eerlijk Bieden you can follow the entire process from one application. From sharing documents in the Dataroom, managing bids in your dashboard, to screening sellers and candidates for the Wwft. Put an extra spotlight on your properties? No problem, create a unique property website instantly with the click of a button. Another advantage, Eerlijk Bieden has several integrations such as the seamless link with CRM package Kolibri!

As you can see, there are many different software for real estate agents on the market. If you know of other good tools and would like to share them with other real estate agents in this blog post, be sure to contact!

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