Milestone: 1,000th homes registered!

Eerlijk Bieden move

Good results

We did it, the 1,000th home was registered this week in Eerlijk Bieden! From September last year we proved with Eerlijk Bieden that transparency in the sales process does not have to come at the expense of the sales result. Van den Ouden makelaars had the scoop with the sale of a beautiful detached house in Ovezande.

Why is this important?

Although it is of course very nice for ourselves that Eerlijk Bieden is catching on, it is also an important for both the brokerage and the housing market. Following reports from Vereniging Eigen Huis, several initiatives were put on the market to remedy the problems in the brokerage industry. The standard response from the brokerage industry was that initiatives such as the bid log could help, but could not be used for all homes. Now that homes in a range of €150,000 to €2,500,000 have been sold, we can say that the opposite has been proven!

The future of Eerlijk Bieden

What do we want to achieve in the future? Helping even more real estate agents, sellers and prospective buyers with our seal of approval, of course! So our mission is far from over, quite the contrary. As of January 1, 2023, the Bid Log will become mandatory among real estate agents. Despite the fact that we, as initiator, are of course ready for this, we see that real estate agents still have many questions. We are therefore happy to help all those involved in the process to implement the Bid Log easily.

So on to the next 1,000 homes!

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