Estate agents speak: Sol Makelaardij

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In the blog series 'Estate agents speak', we highlight estate agents that are affiliated with the trustmark of Eerlijk Bieden. This week's kick-off is by Sol Makelaardij in Son. Sol Makelaardij was one of the first brokers to sign up for the VBO pilot of Eerlijk Bieden. A good moment to look back.

About Sol Real Estate

For more than 20 years, Sol estate agency has distinguished itself in the region by its attention to the customer, according to Koen Sol. "It is important to offer enough time during tours to discuss all points in detail, including the architectural part with the accompanying plusses and minuses. That is why we have stood for transparency and honesty for years.

Connecting to the Seal of Approval

This last point was also a reason for Koen to connect to Eerlijk Bieden. "Apart from the convenience of the system, it generally saves the often unnecessary discussions. We can submit an independent bid log to the candidates at any time. This creates transparency and trust with all parties in the process".

The first reactions from customers

The first reactions to the use of Eerlijk Bieden are therefore positive. "In the pilot phase in particular, there were a number of points that could have been improved, but these have now been taken care of.

"For our customers (sellers), the system essentially confirms what they expect and know about us, but the prospective buyers in particular quickly notice the difference compared with the traditional working method."

"This automation in the bidding process leaves us more time for expert coaching and guidance of customers. This will become increasingly important in the future".

The hallmark Eerlijk Bieden

Like Sol Makelaardij, do you want to be part of the Eerlijk Bieden quality mark? Ask for a free demo account and discover the possibilities!

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