Regular Bidding rules

For regular bidding, offers are shared one at a time with the seller and the broker. Unlike a closed registration, you don't have to worry about a deadline and the associated time pressure. Once your offer is submitted, the seller may choose to enter into a negotiation. Don't worry, we'll keep an eye on you, so you're always guaranteed a reliable and fair buying process!

The course of the process

The start of the process

The broker starts the process by creating a bid form.

After the viewing, you will receive the link to the bid form from the broker.

The Data Room

To be able to make a good offer, it is important to have all the relevant information. Most brokers therefore use our Dataroom.

Submitting an offer

Filling out the form is a piece of cake, we are always there for you when needed! Did you make a mistake? No problem, you can always withdraw your offer yourself and submit a renewed one.

Your offer shared instantly

When you submit an offer, we send it directly to the seller and broker without intervention. This way, you can always be sure that your offer reaches the right people.

Reviewing your bid

Over time, the seller and broker will evaluate your proposal. Does the offer meet the seller's wishes, or is there room for improvement?


In some cases, the broker and seller may choose to enter into negotiations based on your offer. You can then reject, improve, or approve the proposals.

Tip: always ask the broker to send the counter-proposal via Eerlijk Bieden. This way you are assured of a fair process.

Award process

The seller always retains the right of award. This means that the seller does not necessarily have to choose the candidate with the highest bid. In addition, the seller can also choose not to award the property to anyone.

Assigning the buyer

Fingers crossed, once the buyer is designated you immediately get the result: the property has been awarded to you or not.

Finalized purchase

After the appointment, the broker will draw up the purchase agreement. The purchase is then only binding when both parties have signed the agreement.

The Bid Log

When the sale is complete, the bid log can be shared. Please note that this will not be shared until the cooling off period and any resolutie conditions have expired. You will receive an email from us when this date is known.

You can then find all submitted bids in the Bid Log.

Frequently asked questions

Can the sales method be changed in the meantime?

In some cases, the seller and broker may choose to change the method of sale in the interim.

Due to the change in game rules, we will automatically send you an email with the next steps.

When am I negotiating?

When you make your offer, you are not yet in a negotiation.

Only once you have received a counterproposal from the seller, you are officially in a negotiation. You can then reject the counterproposal (break off the negotiation), improve it, or approve it.

May other offers be discussed during a negotiation?

No, it is not allowed to play candidates against each other. Therefore, the exact amounts of other proposals may not be shared.

May the seller negotiate with multiple candidates at the same time?

Yes, this is allowed, but the broker must notify all prospective buyers of this.

Is the seller obligated to respond to my bid?

No, the seller is not obligated to enter into negotiations with every candidate. Therefore, you may not receive a (formal) response to your offer, or your offer may be rejected.

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