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In the blog series 'Estate agents speak' we highlight estate agents that are affiliated with the trustmark of Eerlijk Bieden. For the last blog of the year we spoke with director Leander Heutinck of Heutinck Makelaardij in Ulft. Leander has been actively involved in the quality mark from the start of Eerlijk Bieden . Partly due to the feedback from Heutinck Makelaardij, the customer satisfaction has risen sharply in recent weeks. Time to hear their experiences of the past months.

About Heutinck Makelaardij

"Heutinck makelaardij" is a modern real estate agency that has been active in the Oude IJsselstreek for 14 years. The office operates 100% independent of, for example, mortgage advisors or other industry peers. In this way, only one interest is ever served," says Leander. "These days, this is becoming increasingly unique in a market where estate agents are increasingly becoming a lead generator for advisers. Apparently, a lot of money is still made from mortgage and insurance leads and less and less from brokerage itself".

Providing transparency to the consumer

"We are always very open and transparent about this independence. This was also a reason for us to join the Eerlijk Bieden quality mark. We have always worked according to the Eerlijk Bieden principle, but this was not immediately clear to the consumer. The software of Eerlijk Bieden gives us extra insight into our working methods towards the consumer."

Less cynicism

The customers of Heutinck Makelaardij are also satisfied with the operation of Eerlijk Bieden. "Our customers are happy that the sale can now be transparent. With candidates we especially notice that they are less cynical about the course of the process.

The feeling of a fair sale

Compared to the 'traditional working method' little changes for Heutinck. "During the sales process itself we notice little difference compared to our previous working method. The biggest difference is seen with the candidates who now really feel they have been given a fair chance.

Hope that the profession will gain more prestige again

With the rise of online bidding, more and more brokers seem to wonder if the role of brokers is changing, Leander shares this fear less. "As far as we are concerned, the changes in the market are not going so fast at all. We mainly hope that the market will become more regulated, so that the real cowboys will be taken out. Ultimately, we hope that this will give our profession more prestige again.

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