How does a bid form work?

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What is the bid form?

The online bid form is a digital form where you can leave a bid. All candidates can enter the same information, so there is no difference in information between candidates.

Why is the bid form important?

There are currently many different ways to make an offer on a house. In some cases, the estate agent still provides you with a paper form to make an offer, while others ask you to send an e-mail to the estate agent's office. With the rise of online bidding, there are many more variants. Because the instructions for bidding are often unclear, we thought it was high time for a uniform way of bidding.

How do I use the online bid form?

The use of the bid form is actually very simple. On the bidding form of Eerlijk Bieden everything is already divided into separate pieces, which makes bidding much easier:

1. Contact Details:

Last but not least, we start with your contact details. This is where we can reach you and send you updates on the sales process. If there are any questions about your offer, the estate agent can contact you afterwards.

2. Your bid:

Perhaps the most important part, what will you actually bid on this property? Don't get carried away in the bidding war, but think carefully about your bid.

3. Reserved:

Often overlooked, are the reservations or resolutive conditions in an offer. These can weigh heavily in the seller's decision. It may seem silly to elaborate so much on the caveats on the offer form, but all this information is necessary for the seller to be able to compare the candidates properly. Particularly if the bids are close together, the caveats are going to play a part in the consideration. It is therefore important that these are well described. This privacy-sensitive information will of course never be shared, or end up in the bid log.

4. Completion date:

Unfortunately, the completion date is often forgotten in an offer. You can imagine that a seller will have doubts about the new buyer, when he hears that he actually wants to move only in six months time. It is therefore important to make this preference known, ideally also matching the preference of the seller himself.

5. Notice to sellers:

It happens more and more often that sellers consider the motivation and background of the buyers more important than the purchase price. On the online bid form you will therefore find the option to leave a message to the sellers. Of course you can also leave other details about your bid here.

If you are curious about the Eerlijk Bieden bid form, please check which certified brokers in your area work with it on our members' page.

6. Bid validity date

In the case of regular bidding, as a candidate you can choose to include a validity date with your bid. This way you give a deadline for a response from the broker. Note that including this can also be detrimental and worsen your position in the negotiation.

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